About Hampton Holistic General Practice

Hampton Holistic General Practice aims to integrate with the established alternative health practitioners in the same building (the 'Hampton Street Health' practitioners) and more broadly with those of the surrounding Hampton Street area. If that is confusing, then all the more reason to expect that the services provided by Dr Michael Daly at 'Hampton Holistic General Practice' will not be!

Patients do not need to change from their existing doctors to access medical services at Hampton Holistic General Practice, particularly if the advice sought is of a complementary medical nature or for a second opinion to what they have already been told. With knowledge gained from over 25 years of training and experience, Dr Daly aims to discuss and evaluate the best combination of conventional and natural therapies for individual patients' problems.

Dr Daly uses special skills to research professional sources for holistic & conventional health information, particularly where information is lacking or confusing, and if desired will liaise with patients' existing GPs or specialists. Dr Daly is a University of Melbourne trained medical practitioner, who subsequently completed formal post-graduate studies in Integrative Medicine at Swinburne University (a two year course for doctors) and in 'Evidence Based Practice' at Monash University (a one year course). Dr Daly was also awarded a Business Masters qualification at RMIT, which is an MBA like course orientated towards Information and Knowledge Management areas. The specialised skills learned in all of these courses have contributed to creation of a more specialised General Practice in the form of 'Hampton Holistic General Practice'. Dr Daly's many learned skills are now readily available for patients wishing to explore the wide range of conventional and complementary medical options that are in current practice or being researched around the world.